NETbilling Adds More Merchant Requested Features

Valencia, CA - June, 2008 - NETbillling is a leader in ecommerce transaction processing. Merchant needs change consistently and we are pleased to update our system and services to accommodate our clients. The following features have been added and update:

Multiple Merchant Account Assignments Per Site Tag

Within one NETbilling Administration area on your Credit Card setup page, you can now assign specific site tags or all sites to each merchant account if you are a NETbilling merchant using multiple merchant accounts within one NETbilling account. This will give you the flexibility to utilize more than one merchant account and assign them to process your web sites as you see fit, which will also appease the merchant banks and give you the ability to control which merchant accounts process which sites, even if you are using our pooling and cascading features.

SRI Upgrade

Using our SRI API (Affiliate Link), merchants can now extract the reporting date of incoming chargebacks into our system if chargebacks are being recited to us by your merchant bank. This will be valuable if you are using for example, affiliate reporting software that you may want to import the chargebacks to be able to track affiliate fraud of for any other reason into your own database.
The upgraded SRI doc can be found here and the changed fields are highlighted in yellow in the docs:

Direct Mode Processor Field & Batch Reports

Another feature for multiple merchant account users: Direct mode will now return in the transaction response of the "processor"/"merchant account" used to process the transaction. This will allow you to dynamically send the merchant to a thank you page that includes the proper merchant account descriptor information if you have different company names for multiple merchant accounts.

The Direct Mode 3.1 API doc reflects the additional field highlighted in yellow here:

As always, if you have any questions regarding these exciting new changes, please contact our support department at: