Affiliate ID & Descriptor Awareness Features Added To Help Reduce Chargebacks

Affiliate ID Added

NETbilling has now added the ability in Direct Mode 3.1 to pass an affiliate ID now for tracking purposes of where the transactions are coming from for signups when passed to our system. We have added the field to our SRI as well, so your affiliate software or other external database can grab the associated affiate ID with a trasanction to help track if there are excessive chargebacks coming from different traffic sources or affiliates.

Links to our Direct Mode 3.1 Documentation and our SRI can be found here.

Descriptor Awareness

NETbilling places intense focus on providing descriptor awareness to both our merchants and their customers. Since transaction fraud is a regular occurrence around the world, consumers are more prone to chargeback a legitimate transaction if they are unsure who the charge is from.

Stating on the email receipts that are sent to the customer the company name, phone number, and email address for questions and support of who is billing them is important to reduce chargebacks. Providing near-excessive repetition of the descriptor on the pre-billing page as well as the purchase success page and then again in the members area, terms and support pages, can avert rampant unnecessary chargebacks and early cancellations. As a merchant, when you first obtain your merchant account, or obtain a new account, you should always test a transaction with your own credit or debit card to make sure all of the suggested infomation above is reading properly in all places, especially your bank statement in your online banking account and printed hard copy that your bank and credit card company provide you each month. The descriptor infomation on the bank statement is implemented and changed by your merchant account bank so any changes there will require you contacting them. Email receipt changes can be made within the NETbilling email config. screens and changes to your web site thank you pages and join forms will be handled by your webmaster (or you).

NETbilling has taken the initiative to create a set of tools and methods for declaring proper descriptor awareness.

These features are described as follows:
Pre-Transaction: Since NETbilling is capable of internal cascading, you cannot determine which MID will be used when multiple MIDs are in the queue unless a particluar MID is specified. NETbilling has added the ability to our Direct Mode v3.x API to specify which MID is to be used for the transaction attempt. This allows the merchant to accurately display the desired descriptor MID before the transaction has occurred. Upon approval, NETbilling will confirm the MID which was used to process the transaction. If internal cascading had occurred in an attempt to save a transaction failure, the merchant can then promptly notify the customer of the alternate descriptor on the approval page.

Per Transaction: Much like the confirmation response described above, merchants utilizing NETbilling's hosted payment forms (Native Mode) will also receive with the response confirmation of the MID used to process the transaction. This response will allow NETbilling-Native merchants to confirm on the approval or landing page, which descriptor the customer can anticipate on their statement.

Utilizing these features can have a dramatic positive impact on customer trust and loyalty, and in turn, increased revenue. If you have any questions regarding these additions, please contact our support department at: 661-252-2456, email: to find out how to best utilize these features and increase your bottom line!