NETbilling upgrades to release 2.8.5

Version 2.8.5 includes additional transaction processing options, membership and rebilling enhancements, various processor integrations and more.


  • Reversal
    Reverse an authorization on supporting processors by clicking the "undo" link on the transaction details page for AUTH/OK transactions. Find/Browse>Transactions>undo
  • Prepaid Cards
    Support partial approvals for prepaid cards.

Direct Mode

  • New Version
    Upgrade to Direct Mode version 3.2 to enjoy the latest updates. Documentation>Development>Direct Mode 3.2 Documentation
  • Undo Transaction
    Undo transactions, cancel refunds and reverse authorizations using the "tran_type=U" parameter in Direct Mode.

Data Retrieval Interface

  • New Version
    Upgrade to Data Retrieval Interface version 1.5 to enjoy the latest updates. Documentation>Development>Data Retrieval Interface 1.5 Documentation.

Payment Form

  • CGI Postback Parameters
    Payment form CGI Postback returns now include currency amount, processor identity, card issuer, currency amount, last 4 digits of card number and expiration date. Setup>Site Tools>Configuration>edit pmt form

Batch Processing

  • Manual Settlement
    Manually settle batches using the "Enable & Run now" option. Credit Cards>Setup>Step 4>Auto Settlement

Memberships & Rebilling

  • Rebilling Retries
    Reset a rebilling retry schedule and manually force a rebilling to forget previous attempts to recover funds and start the schedule over from the beginning. This feature is not available in Basic retry schedule mode. Find/Browse>Members>edit>reset retries Rebilling retry schedule now ignores transactions older than 180 days, caused by resuming an old rebilling schedule.
  • Manage Users
    Require "View Members" access privileges to see the Recurring Billing Virtual Terminal. Require "Manage Members" access privileges to run transactions and create rebillings in the Recurring Billing Virtual Terminal. Setup>Account Configuration>Manage Users
  • Sign-up Origin
    Use the new ND3.SIGNUP origin for member signups done via Direct Mode 3.1. Previously the origin assigned to these transactions was ND3.TRANS.


  • Calendar Button
    Click the calendar icon to the right of any data entry field for easy reference and date input.


  • Virtual Terminal
    Disabled autocomplete on card/check number entry fields on Virtual Terminal so browsers don't store sensitive cardholder information. Virtual Terminal>Credit Cards or Recurring Billing Disabled 56-bit and lower encryption from being allowed.

Processor Integrations

  • Recent processor integrations include eCardOn, EGatePay, PayOn/BarclayCard, CardWorks Processing and MaxPayments (new platform). Setup>Credit Cards>Step 1

Chargeback Lookout

  • Integrations
    New chargeback integrations with Optimal Payments and Wirecard. Fraud Controls>Chargeback LookoutTM

International Support

  • Multi-Currency Processing
    Added Multi-currency support on Merchant Partners.