NETbilling upgrades to release 2.8.6

Version 2.8.6 includes additional transaction processing options and updated batch settlement reports.

Batch Settlement Reports
By default, this email will go to the following contact:

  • For Master Merchants - the Technical Contact on the "Contact Information" page.
  • For Merchants - the Financial Contact on the "Contact Information" page.
Merchants can also signup up to receive the Daily Batch Settlement Report on the Current Batch page.
The Daily Batch Settlement Report contains three separate detailed reports:
  • Credit/Debit Card settlements
  • ACH settlements
  • Failed settlements and unsettled transactions

Disable Expiration Check
Previously if a card were expired, the transaction would be declined. Our system would decline an auth, sale or capture transaction type with a 'CARD EXPIRED' message without sending it to the processor.

With this new feature, merchants can now send disable_expiration_check=1 in their Direct Mode request to bypass that. Additionally, the expiration check is always bypassed when the transaction type is a capture. For more information on this feature: Documentation

Storage-Only Transactions
A new transaction type has been added - tran_type Q. A merchant can send this tran_type in their Direct Mode request to simply store the cardholder's information in our database without sending anything to the processor. The merchant can charge this card later by:

  • Clicking reissue
  • PCI-Compliant repeat billing (referring to it via "CS:<transaction_id>")
  • Creating a membership using this as the template transaction
For more information on this feature: Documentation