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Transaction Interfaces

NETbilling, a leader in high-performance digital payment processing solutions, provides multiple interfaces to its transaction processing system. These interfaces include:

  • Interactive Payment Forms
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Interactive Batch Upload
  • Direct Mode
  • Direct Mode Batch
  • Emulation Modes for backward compatibility with competitor's interfaces

Information about each can be found below, along with the accompanying reporting interfaces.

Payment Form

  • Payment Form Documentation
    - Intended for merchants who wish to utilize the NETbilling pre-generated payment forms.

  • Hidden Payment Form Tutorial
    - Instruction for bypassing the NETbilling payment form. Intended for merchants who wish to generate a "one-click" payment option.

Direct Mode

Compatibilty Options



With the introduction of NBCheck, NETbilling now supports the full spectrum of alternative electronic payment options through its Internet Payment Platform. By adding payment options like ACH checks to card processing, merchants can broaden their customer base. By offering additional payment options at the time of purchase or in the event of a declined transaction, fewer sales are lost.

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