"We are going on our second year with NETbilling and we have never been happier with the ease of doing business with them. NETbilling handles all of our transaction processing gatway needs which include credit card charges, rebilling refunds and customer service questions in their call center. We have also pointed all of our phone numbers to them as they handle all phone sales, upsells and new product sales. We could have never been this successful without NETbilling's help."

Larry Freed
VP of Operations
MagnaRX, Inc.

Accept credit cards today and enjoy some of the lowest rates in the credit card processing industry.

Fully customizable fraud scrubbing, real time comprehensive reporting and so much more. See why thousands of online merchants have increased their online incomes tremendously.

24/7 Technical Support for you & optional 24/7 support for your customers including inbound and outbound call center services.

ACH check processing, free web based shopping carts, affiliate program integration...

New NETbilling Wordpress/WooCommerce Integration

NETbilling Adds New Payment Forms Features

NETbilling Adds Prepaid card identification and filtering

NETbilling Now Offering Swipe Terminals For Smartphones