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The NETbilling Payment Gateway allows merchant to facilitate processing of any major credit cards. The gateway can process several transactions online, or manually via the Virtual Terminal along with recurring transactions. Features include real-time reporting, member reports, fraud defense, customer contact lists, and various online tools to administer your employees, webmasters, and affiliates.



Our payment gateway is a feature-rich payment gateway built on class leading technology:

  • Full support for various currencies and payment options
  • Full Integration with top affiliate programs, including NATS and MPA3
  • Comprehensive credit card and online check processing
  • Granular reporting and analytics to provide insight on business trends
  • Member management & Member retention tools to keep your subscribers
  • Cross-sell capabilities will allow you to increase revenue with each sale transaction
  • Chargeback record retrieval and dispute management
  • Chargeback Lookout notifications
  • High throughput and conversion rates
  • 24/7/365 Dedicated support
  • 99.999% Uptime





Comprehensive Admin Area

Manage multiple site tags, merchant accounts, and signup price points all from the admin.

Control Customers

Assign customers to a blacklist or negative database.

Manage Declines

Create rules to avoid duplicated decline orders.

Email Receipts

Deliver email receipts with each transaction and membership signup.

Transaction Rules

Trigger authorizations, execute batch settlements, and view transaction reports.

Manage Cancellations

Allow subscribers to cancel their memberships via dynamic self-service cancellation URLs.


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