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  • The NETbilling payment gateway provides ecommerce merchants
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Payment processing & customer service solutions at the lowest rates.

Since 1998, NETbilling has provided world-class solutions to businesses of all types. Let us show you how we can help make your business more profitable, as we have for thousands of worldwide merchants.


Complete Solutions

Our customizable merchant tools cover every aspect of your transaction processing and client management needs.

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Easy Setup

Getting started with NETbilling’s suite of services is a fast and painless process. Our knowledgeable team will be your guide from start to finish.

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24/7/365 Client Support

The dedicated support staff at NETbilling is always available for phone, chat, and email support to both merchants and consumers. We’ve got this.

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Let's Grow Your Business with Trusted Tools & Resources

Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing

NETbilling has partnered with dozens of banks worldwide to provide an array of merchant account and transaction processing options for any business types, at the most competitive rates anywhere.


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Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

The most flexible and powerful PCI certified payment gateway software in the world and is compatible with hundreds of shopping carts, and provides world-class risk management and reporting tools.


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Phone Swipe

Phone Swipe

Don't miss a sale when taking your business on the road! Process transactions with our free hardware & app where you can collect customer data to email receipts and market your business.


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Call Center Services

Call Center Services

Our full-service, in-house call center handles everything: charge inquiries, member access assistance, order placement, and inbound/outbound telemarketing campaign deployment.


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Why Choose NETbilling?

Start achieving real success by making our intelligent, customizable Marketplace Tools part of your business strategy. While most other companies only offer you limited reporting and functionality, NETbilling provides extensive reports, data and flexibility so you can control every aspect of your payments processing, at the lowest rates in the industry. 
See how NETbilling stacks up to the competition.

Lower Your Costs

Start accepting credit cards today and enjoy some of the lowest rates in the credit card processing industry.

Gain Complete Control

Get in the driver’s seat with fully customizable fraud scrubbing, real time comprehensive reporting, and much more.


Get a Customer Service Partner

We offer 24/7 support for our merchants and their customers via live chat, email, and our call center services.

Add Money-Making Features

Leverage ACH check processing, free shopping carts, and affiliate program integration to maximize revenue.


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Our Satisfied Customers

“We trust Netbilling for our 24/7 inbound customer support for several reasons: fair, flexible pricing; their experience; and their ability to quickly adapt to changes in our programs and policies. Without Netbilling, it would be nearly impossible for us to offer the level of support to which our customers have become accustomed. We save money and our customers receive amazing support – truly a win-win situation!”

Mark B., CEO of 27 Forms, LLC

"We switched to NETbilling in 2007 to utilize their processing and call center services for our online properties. It was one of the best decisions we have made to save money and help our business grow. The features and flexibility that NETbilling provides is far ahead of the competition, their staff is second to none, and they are always available if we need them!"

Jeff Y., President of Domamis, Inc.

"Moving from a completely managed third party biller can seem a bit scary, but NETbilling made the process so easy that, when weighed with the monetary benefits and control, making the switch was a no-brainer for us. From helping us  obtain our merchant account, and all through the setup and implementation process, NETbilling was 100% the right choice."

John B., President of OC Cash

"NETbilling has always provided us with fast, professional and courteous transaction processing call center services. Their very knowledgeable team has helped our business grow and become more profitable."

Allan H., CEO of Deniro Marketing

"NETbilling was the best thing I did for my business in 16 years. They helped my business explode to new levels. We wouldn’t be at all near as successful today without NETbilling."

Mark Erickson, President of Blu Media, LLC.

"Congratulations on your 16 year anniversary. We've been with NETbilling now for 14 of them and appreciate you providing such excellent service throughout the entire time. Your company sets the bar high for others to try to follow. So here’s to 16 more! Keep up the great work."

Kelly M., Co-founder of 413 Productions

"NETbilling has been our payment gateway company of choice for many years. Coupled with their call center options, they are the industry’s preeminent turnkey merchant services solution."

Todd G., CEO of CM Productions, LLC

"NETbilling has been our processing partner since we started selling online back in 2001 with just one domain. Today we have more than 50 e-commerce sites, processing thousands of transactions daily. Not only that, but as we now have several retail locations as well, NETbilling has setup our stores with point of sale systems, phone swipes for mobile processing, and of course merchant accounts to process all of our transactions with. We are blessed to have such a great company handling our transaction processing needs."

Adam K., President of Fallnet Solutions, Inc.

"NETbilling's excellent back end tools have helped keep our charge backs to a minimum.  Their customer service as well as the staff at NETbilling are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and a pleasure to work with.  Transaction speeds, reliability and great rates have helped our company grow over the past 14 years.  We look forward to continued success moving ahead thanks to NETbilling!"

Richard A., President of Broadcasting Concepts, Inc.

"Phoenix Group's various online entities has exclusively used NETbilling for well over a decade now and I must say, it is the finest company for credit card processing services! They provide awesome stats, excellent tech support, and we also use NETbilling as our customer service call center with great success.  I highly endorse NEtbilling for payment gateway and call center services.  They are simply the best with regards to reliability, security and responsiveness."

Colin R., Founder of The Phoenix Group

"NETbilling has been our secret weapon with the various direct response campaigns we have run. Their level of support is one of the best in the industry. And what really stands out is their personal commitment and dedication in supporting all our campaigns. We have extremely happy customers who always come back to buy more, and one of the biggest reasons for that is NETbilling!"

Ron R., President at Skinceutica, LLC

"NETbilling has been a partner of ours since we entered the payments world. The product is intuitive, simple, and provides an awesome, constantly growing set of features which continuously improves their merchants' experience and productivity."

Matt K., VP of Operations at MindGeek Canada
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NETbilling's Success Stats

We strive to help our merchant obtain maximum profitability. Here are a few figures as proof.


Increased Revenue with ACH

NETbilling clients increase their revenue an average of 15% just by adding online check processing processing as a payment option.


Chargeback & Fraud Prevention

Prevent 99% of customer chargebacks and transaction fraud by utilizing our Fraud Defense tools and in-house call center services.



Keep Your Customers Longer

Use NETbilling's robust customer retention tools to upsell and cross-sell current and previous buyers.



Increased Client Revenue

NETbilling clients boast an average 20% increase in revenue over other payment processors with our flexible tools and products.

Recent News & Industry Updates

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Friendly Fraud on the Rise – How to Protect Your Business

Fraud and chargebacks have always been a problem for online merchants and continue to go on the rise and be a major concern for merchants, payment processors, and card brands. Learn about the increasing rates of “friendly” fraud and how merchants can effectively combat it with integrated tools provided by NETbilling.

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New Visa Trial Subscription Rules For All Merchants

Visa has made rule changes regarding subscription purchases of onlines services and physical products.

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Creative Marketing Tools to Increase Holiday Sales

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NETbilling Elevated X Integration Offers Turnkey Solution

NETBilling is now fully integrated with Elevated X for quick and easy plug-and-play use for clip store owners and digital content sellers who want to accept payments for “On Demand” content purchasing. 

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Since 1998, NETbilling, Inc. has provided multi-currency transaction processing, merchant accounts, and call center services to thousands of clients of all sizes. Our cost-effective solutions allow you to process credit/debit cards, e-checks, and mobile orders. NETbilling works with any business type and genre including high-risk, e-commerce, mobile, and card-present businesses.

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