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Our transaction processing system works with many commercial partnership/affiliate programs on the market. These programs range in price and features. A few of the supported and highly recommended programs include:




Cascading affiliate software that works with NETbilling credit card and check processing.

NATS Wiki: http://tmmwiki.com/index.php/Netbilling_Native

NATS Sites Admin configuration example(Reporting Keyword & Access Keyword): NATS SITES ADMIN CONFIGURATION.pdf




Cascading affiliate software that works with NETbilling credit card processing.

Lime Light CRM


Lime Light CRM is a highly saleable CRM designed to help businesses meet the overall goals of customer relationship management. It was created to provide a solution to streamline different campaigns across multiple platforms by automating daily tasks and integrating payments with third party billers.




Chargebee is a subscription billing and revenue management platform that provides businesses with the tools to automate their subscription billing, recurring payments, invoicing, and customer lifecycle management. It is designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their subscription-based businesses easily, efficiently, and at scale. Chargebee supports the NETbilling payment gateway, integration with popular CRMs and accounting software, and offers a range of features to help businesses manage their subscription billing and revenue. Chargebee is used by businesses in a variety of industries, including SaaS, e-commerce, and media, among others.


Password Sentry


PasswordSentry (PS) is an affordable and reliable website password protection enterprise software application that monitors logins to detect and block password sharing. PasswordSentry (PS) is the must-have application for every membership site! PS employs cutting edge technology to block dictionary and brute force attacks; saving webmasters hundreds or thousands of dollars each year in extra bandwidth, and lost sales. Secure your website password protection with PasswordSentry!





NETbilling supports Pennywize password hacking prevention software.


Elevated X


Elevated X is a multiple award winning, industry leading pay site CMS software platform providing over 100 features for pay site building and management. NETbilling is integrated for fast and easy plug-and-play use for accepting payments for On Demand content purchasing. Site operators can use NETBilling to process payments for online streaming video rentals, pay per view and pay per download transactions with buy-now buttons and/or shopping cart purchase options to support multiple content sale site formats and business models. http://elevatedx.com




An all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses.




Enterprise solution for data center automation, billing, and customer support applications for hosting providers.




WooCommerce is a hugely popular, freely available eCommerce plugin with a wide range of commercially available extensions and themes. With WooThemes businesses and individuals can get professional WordPress sites launched quickly and affordably.

Many of these companies offer discounts or promotions for NETbilling merchants, so be sure to mention NETbilling when contacting them.

NETbilling is compatible with 95% of all 3rd party shopping cart software on the market. Click here for a list of some that we recommend.


Easy Digital Downloads


EDD is a free to use enterprise level shopping cart that makes it easy to sell digital downloads via any Wordpress platform. Some key features of the EDD shopping cart are: quick setup and deployment,  a dedicated iOS app with earnings tracker, support for various extensions, convenient data export capabilities, conditional discount codes, elegant reports and graphs, developer friendly Wordpress codex support, and marketplace themes.

Checkout some great websites already using Easy Digital Downloads here: Site Showcase

Once you’ve setup the free EDD shopping cart software you’ll be ready to purchase and install the NETbilling Payment Gateway Plugin


myCRED Plugin


myCRED is an adaptive points management system that lets you award and charge your users for interacting with your WordPress powered website. myCred is full of features out of the box and has a host of valuable add ons and hooks. Shopping cart features can be integrated using WooCommerce, WP E-Commerce, and the NETbilling Gateway. 

The buyCRED native add-on creates and deposits points into your users account once they have made a successfully payment to any of the supported payment gateways. You can set how much points cost, how many users can buy and even offer a custom exchange rate on a user by user basis!

The myCRED + NETbilling setup guide is available here: myCRED NETbilling Setup Guide PDF


PPV Live Webcams


The PPV Live Webcams software allows you to setup a paid videochat site built on the WordPress platform. Performers and clients can participate in public and private chat. The software can be used to build both non adult and adult pay per minute (PPM) videochat sites. It’s highly customizable and easy to setup and use.

PPV LIVE Webcams software implements a complete set of features including role registration, AJAX webcam browsing, videochat application, ppv calculations and integration with a billing plugin for client payments such as NETbilling by way of the myCRED plugin?.

Credit purchases are handled by redirecting the clients to the site owner’s account. The site owner can see earnings for each performer and issue payouts as necessary.

PPV LIVE Webcams Setup information is available here: PPV Live Setup


Post Affiliate Pro


Post Affiliate Pro is the market leading affiliate tracking platform. Software is designed to manage and empower your affiliate program and it will even grow with you. Post Affiliate Pro provides automation tools for running your joint ventures. Each affiliate will be given a selection of marketing and promotional materials to push your business initiatives further. It also tracks affiliate's referrals, commissions, record of payouts, and much more.




Fast, flexible vacation rental software that covers small homeowners and large PMs alike.


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