Cash Discount Program for Retail Merchants

Reward cash, debit, and check customers while greatly reducing transaction processing costs

With NETbilling's new cash discount program, merchants can save up to 95%* on transaction processing.

How Cash Discounting Works with NETbilling

  • Merchant terminals are configured to add a customized service fee to all transactions, reducing or eliminating transaction processing fees to the merchant
  • Customers who pay with cash or check are rewarded with an automatic discount
  • Cash Discount Program is only available to merchants in the United States

*Actual amount saved on transaction processing is dependent upon merchant's program customization and pricing.

Why choose NETbilling's retail processing Cash Discount Program?

Many merchants adopt their own version of a cash discount or credit card surcharge program, but do not comply with the law. These merchants are subject to fines or penalties. NETbilling keeps merchants updated on legal changes and new processing options to save more.

Getting Started is Easy

1. Enroll in the NETbilling Cash Discount Program

Our experts will walk you through the options for your business, then help you chose the right program and hardware for your needs.


2. Ensure Transparency

Utilize our hardware to display service fees & cash discounts on all receipts.


3. Post Mandatory Signage

To legally participate in a Cash Discount Program, merchants must display signage at the entrance of their business and at the point of sale. NETbilling is happy to provide signage for your use. Available in English and Spanish.

Start saving on your electronic processing costs today. Sign up now!

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Since 1998, NETbilling, Inc. has provided merchant accounts, multi currency transaction processing, and call center services to thousands of internet merchants and companies of all sizes. NETbilling's flexible solutions process credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, and telephone orders, and work with any business model, including internet, broadband, wireless, call centers and retail establishments of all types.

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