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Referring Partners Program


As a NETbilling partner, you simply refer your merchant to us with your assigned partnership identification number via banner ads, word of mouth, and a co-branded partner web page that we will create and host. Web based referrals are tracked through our website indefinitely. Our generous residual payment plan allows you to receive 10-15% of the total monthly gross income that NETbilling receives from the merchant, along with a $10 gateway fee per month.

As an added incentive, you can include NETbilling as part of your processing package and lease that you offer to your merchants. NETbilling will discount the setup fee to only $99 (a $99 savings), allowing you to earn even more from the initial setup to the merchant. This aggressive payment plan will help greatly increase your monthly bottom line.

If you are a merchant account provider ISO / Agent, once you have established the MOTO merchant account for your client, simply send the merchant directly to NETbilling and we will have them processing within 24 hours. We will guide your clients through every step of the process including membership script installations, one-on-one administration tutorials, and detailed explanations on customer service and account management. All merchant support is handled by our technical team 24 hours a day, so it is not necessary for you to be involved in gateway support services. NETbilling also offers affiliate program integration and a FREE web based shopping cart for your merchants, to increase online sales.

Please contact our sales office to learn more about our lucrative referring program, demo our amazing processing system, and become a NETbilling Partner. Call us toll free within the USA: (888) 357-8166 and outside the USA: (661) 252-2456 or email






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Since 1998, NETbilling, Inc. has provided multi-currency transaction processing, merchant accounts, and call center services to thousands of clients of all sizes. Our cost-effective solutions allow you to process credit/debit cards, e-checks, and mobile orders. NETbilling works with any business type and genre including high-risk, e-commerce, mobile, and card-present businesses.

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