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The NETbilling Payment Gateway allows merchant to facilitate processing of any major credit cards. The gateway can process several transactions online, or manually via the Virtual Terminal along with recurring transactions. Features include real-time reporting, member reports, fraud defense, customer contact lists, and various online tools to administer your employees, webmasters, and affiliates.




NETbilling automatically logs every transaction, member and event that goes on in the system. Even with all those variables being tracked by the system, the search utility makes it easy to locate a specific transaction or member. The search utility allows you to tell the system exactly what you want and then goes and fetches it for you.


Virtual Terminal


This valuable feature allows you to manually process credit card and ACH transactions by simply entering the customer's data into the web based admin. You can process sales, authorizations or even credits and have the ability to disable any additional verification, such as AVS, CVV2 or Fraud Defense for each individual transaction. Using the virtual terminal you attribute the purchase to a specific site to have customized email receipts automatically sent and also add product information and/or notes to each transaction.

Video Screencast - Virtual Terminal Tutorial

Manage users


Shows you how many users are allowed to enter your admin area and the privileges they have been given. When adding a user, you can limit the access given to him. For example: You have a customer service employee, it is not necessary for them to be able to view your batch reports, you can delete that access from their user login. If any changes are made or any new users are created, click Apply before leaving the area.




Allows you to change any admin user's password. Simply select the user you wish to modify, type in the current password, then the new password twice to verify it has been entered correctly. Once the change has been made click Apply. You may not view admin user passwords, only change them. If you have access rights to add a user, and someone else forgets their password, you may enter you own password in the "current password" field and then assign them a new password by entering it twice.

Website Configuration


This area allows you to view the site parameters of your main site such as your Fundamentals, Financial Statistics, Required Parameters and Optional Contact Information. There are several blue areas here that allow you to view details or make changes.


Website Emails


This area allows you to select, under which conditions you as the merchant wish to send a confirmation receipt to the customer for your main site, such as Rebilling Receipts or Declined Rebilling Receipts. If changes are made in this area please click the Apply button so the system updates the changes made.

Form Editor


NETbilling now offers fully customizable join pages with sample templates and default forms which allows you to add and delete fields and graphics and gives you the option to make all fields required or optional. You can also change your background and text color.


Custom Payment Forms


Merchants have been asking for the ability to create custom payment forms that follow the look of their sites. Now you have that ability. You can also show or hide any fields that you do not wish to display on your custom form, such as the Misc. info field and many others. Once your form is created, the next step is to create your new buttons. The only thing that has changed in our new button editor is your option to pick the form you want to use for the button you are creating. Select the form you just customized and enter all the fields according to your site. You then need to take your old buttons down and put your new buttons up. Once the new button is up, it will then be linked to your new form you just customized.


Button Editor


This area allows you to create your buttons/text that sends your customer to our sign-up form on NETbilling's secured server.

If you wish to host your own join page on your server or add any custom hidden fields, please contact NETbilling support for instructions. An unlimited amount of extra fields may be posted to our administration area or back to your own database if desired. Use the following instructions to generate buttons which link to our secure processing server.



Purchase Type


  1. Select SALE for Product Sales
  2. Select SIGNUP for membership with no recurring billing
  3. Select SIGNUP+REBILLING for membership with automatic monthly re-billing.


Transaction Type


  1. Select SALE for Product Sales
  2. Select SIGNUP for membership with no recurring billing
  3. Select SIGNUP+REBILLING for membership with automatic monthly re-billing.


Use With This Site


Select the site that you are making the button for.


Use This Payment Form


Select the site that you are making the button for.




Type in the amount of the membership/product, if merchant is offering a trial membership period the amount of the trial period should be input here in $.




Enable Crypto Hash should typically be checked. This is one of our security features that prevents button script abuse. However, because of this new feature, once the button is generated absolutely no changes can be made to the script. If an error has been made during the making of the button or if line feeds are present during adding the button code html to your join pages, a new button must be generated. **If you have a shopping cart crypto hash is not compatible.


Button Label


Type in what you would like the button to say, Example: Join Now, or 1 Month $24.95, etc.


Product Description


The text that you chose to type in this field will appear on the join page as well as on the customers receipt. Example: 1 Week Trial Membership


Return URL


Type in your members area URL, or where you want your customers to go after they have completed the sign-up form. It must be the full and complete URL. Example: "http:// www."


Membership Valid For


If you are offering a trial membership, enter the amount of days the trial membership is good for. If you are offering a monthly membership, you would leave the default at 30 days. If you are not making a recurring membership button leave all rebilling fields blank.


Rebilling Amount


Type in the monthly billing amount in $.


Rebilling Period


Select how often you wish to bill your customers. You may also choose scheduled billings such as the 1st of every month or every 30 days. There is also a custom field if you wanted to bill your customers, say... every 111 days.


Stop Rebilling After


This area allows you to be able to limit the number of times each customer is billed. Leave this field blank If you do not wish to place a limit on the number of billings.




Prorate first period, if checked will prorate the second payment of a signup. This is especially handy for ISP's or hosting companies that bill all of their clients on a particular day of the month. **Do not use this for standard membership sites. If when selecting your rebilling period you chose to bill all your customers on the 1st of every month or similar; this box allows you to prorate your customers so the second month they are billed the proper deductions are made from the monthly fee depending on the day they began their membership. If this does not apply to you please leave this box unchecked.

After all information is completed and you have double checked for accuracy, click the button that reads Generate Button. Once the form has been generated you will see the button text which is to be cut and pasted and then uploaded on to your site's join / purchase page. Please contact NETbilling Support if you have any questions regarding button generation for your website as this will directly affect your sales and recurring billing.


Email Editor


This is your email template area that allows you to choose which email form you would like to use for each function. There are also options to right of the screen which allow you to add or delete a template as well as customize the email receipts to say whatever you would like them to say. You will notice that some of the templates are in Italics, this means that the template is not in use. The templates that appear in Non-Italic printing are the default template emails NETbilling has chosen for you to utilize. You have the ability to completely customize all of your emails.

Credit Cards


This area allows you to view or edit your account parameters. You can see which credit cards you are currently able to process as well as your merchant number and other banking information.


Processing Options


Authorize and capture sales separately and Global Test Mode (simulate processing) should always be unchecked unless you have been told, or have specifically requested these fields to be enabled.


Test Card Number


All NETbilling merchants are provided a test card number that is located at the bottom of this screen. This is to be used for testing your site. Each merchant is assigned their own test card number by NETbilling when initially setup. For example: You are making alterations to your site or buttons and you would like to run a few test transactions to make sure everything is working properly. This area allows you to view and change your assigned test card number at all times and can be used at any time to run a test transaction.


Delete Test Data


Once you are done running test transactions on your site, click: delete test data to clear any test transaction data from your site transaction totals.


Check Processing


NETbilling merchants have the opportunity to process check transactions through the NETbilling system to potentially increase transaction volume and streamline operating procedures.

NETbilling offers a choice of alternative payment methods to expand your earning potential. By adding alternative payment methods like check processing, you can broaden your customer base and offer your customers an alternative payment option in the event of a declined transaction at the point of sale.

By utilizing this alternative payment option through NETbilling, you can streamline your company's reporting operations. Whether you process transactions via online or phone in the Virtual Terminal, on the Payment form, or in the Direct Mode, all check transaction information will be delivered online through the NETbilling integrated reporting system, just like credit card transactions.


ACH Sign Up


You can apply to accept ACH transactions directly through the NETbilling admin. The NETbilling system allows you to accept electronic check payments as effortlessly as credit cards.




This area contains all your Company Contact Information as well as the Responsible Contact Persons for your NETbilling processing account. Please notify NETbilling of any changes made to this page.




This feature allows you to set the clock in your account to the correct local time zone. Timezone localization will affect all dates and times, displayed and entered in your admin. Timezone localization will also affect times in emails sent out for your account.

NETbilling is available by appointment for a full one on one walk-thru with the main user of the administrative area. You can contact us 24 hours a day at 888-357-8166 within the US or outside the US 661-252-2456.

Batch Reporting


TAll credit card transactions go into a batch to be processed together in the processors back end (i.e., FDR, Nova, etc.). Each batch is assigned an ID number by the processor, and this screen gathers the transactions you have by those batch numbers. This Batch Report includes the following information; the number of the batch, the origin of the batch and how it was closed, either manually or automatically, the date the batch was closed, the back end processor used, the message sent back from the processor about the batch, the code sent back from the processor, the total number of transactions processed and the total dollar amount of the batch.


Custom Reporting


This is your financial statistics workbench which allows you to configure your own customized searches. You can create many custom reports with this feature. For a specific time period, the statistics can be summarized, subtotaled, sorted and filtered by; Batch, Authorization Message, Amount, Time, Transaction origin (Payment Form, Virtual Terminal, etc.), Transaction status (Authorized, Captured, Returned, etc.), Card Issuer, Web Site and dozens of combinations of these factors.


Standard Reporting


NETbilling also provides you with numerous predefined reports, including those set to highlight the performance of an account based upon time period, transaction volumes, dollar amount, subscription based and risk management reporting as well as customer contact lists.



This area allows you to configure your AVS Codes (Address Verification System). If you would like to view the current default settings and/or would like to edit the degree of verification click the Configure button for the list of codes and check the boxes next to the type of transaction you would like to accept. If any changes are made be sure to click Apply before leaving this area.

This tool also allows you to set your CVV2 codes. CVV2 is the three extra digits printed on the back of the credit card, we have the capability to check with the bank to see if the number entered matches the three digits on the back of the card.

There is a checkbox which allows you to enable or disable the field requirement on the payment form so that the feature is left at the merchant's preference.


Fraud Defense


Fraud Defense has proven its ability to significantly reduce fraudulent transactions, prevent potential chargebacks, and deliver pertinent information to stop and prosecute fraudsters. The following is an explanation of each of the Fraud Defense controls available through NETbilling. Fraud Defense must be enabled for any of the following items to be activated. When Fraud Defense is disabled, all the items below are ignored.

Negative Database The Negative Database declines transactions based on IP address, email address, dot-extension, or credit card number.

Anonymous Surfer Block The Anonymous Surfer Block stops transactions from surfers attempting to hide their identity on the Internet, either by using an anonymous proxy server or an anonymous email domain. Each of these options can be turned on or off separately:

  1. High Risk Country Filter: The High Risk Country Filter automatically blocks transactions from countries with a higher incidence of fraud than the norm.
  2. Name/Address Junk Filter: The Name and Address Junk Filter automatically blocks transactions if the name and address information entered exhibits suspicious patterns. The filter can block profane information, suspicious typing patterns, or invalid email addresses.

Email Address Bounce Check The Email Address Bounce Check automatically aborts or refunds sale transactions when the system failed to deliver an email receipt to the customer within 12 hours. This could happen because the customer entered an invalid email address, or because his/her email box is full, or any of a number of other possible email delivery failures. It should be noted, however that if a bounce occurs after more than 12 hours, no action is taken.

Declined Order Limits The Declined Order Limits filter stops customers from trying a declined card too many times, or trying too many different cards. There are two items that can be individually configured to limit orders for a given period of time.

Approved Order Limits The Approved Order Limits settings stop customers from placing too many orders, or charging too much money on the same card for similar orders. There are several items and settings that can be configured to monitor this activity.

Subscription/Membership Limits Subscription and Membership Limits prevent members from taking advantage of free or discounted trials. When this is activated, members cannot sign up for the same subscription repeatedly and are required to renew their existing subscription.

Maximum Credit Risk Per Card This setting limits the amount of charges a customer can put on one credit card within a period of time.

Virtual Terminal Limits This sets the warning level for Virtual Terminal transactions. Any transaction above this dollar amount will display a warning before processing a virtual terminal transaction.

Order Integrity Order integrity prevents attempts to edit the HTML from a merchant's shopping cart and changing the details of their order just before purchase. If the data sent with the transaction does not match the encrypted Order Integrity data, the transaction is rejected. For more information about Order Integrity, see the developer documentation for the Native Payment Interface.

US Location Verification This tool verifies the existence of US address (Zip code, street, state, etc.). While AVS only checks the Zip code or first few digits of the street number, this tool checks the entire address to figure out if the address even exists. This adds security to determine that any address entered into the system, be it billing or shipping, is an actual valid, existing US postal address.

Global Location Verification Verify that the customer's stated billing address country matches the country of the originating IP and/or the card issuer.



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