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Extremely competitive rates with no setup or application fees. Tremendous volume and tiered pricing discounts offered. Free terminal program and free shopping carts available. Direct merchant relationship with NETbilling.
Fees as high as 15+% per transaction domestically and 18+% internationally, 10% reserve, per site fees, and bank wire fees.
Average $199 setup fees plus various monthly, equipment and application fees. Typically uses "resellers" for merchant acquisition with no direct relationship with merchant.


Control & Flexibility

Fully customizable fraud scrubbing, real time comprehensive reporting, payment forms, shopping carts and customer service policies. Merchant owns and has control over all customer data and settings.
IPSP sets your scrubbing, customer service policies, standard reporting, and displays their name on payment forms and customer's statement. Merchant has no control or rights to customer data.
Minimal control over fraud scrubbing and standardized reports. If gateway company offers customer service it is typically an outsourced solution.



Daily funds deposits directly to merchant bank account - over 300 pay days per year!
Semi-monthly / Monthly payouts, by bank wire (fees deducted) or check by mail.
Daily batch closures, deposits on business days or weekly.


Credit Card & Other Payment Options

Accepts all major credit cards, online checks, and toll free phone orders. Also, full support for multi-currency processing.
Various credit cards, online checks, and sometimes multi-currency options.
Accepts major credit cards and online checks. Many do not support multi-currency options.


Merchant Account Acquisitions

Knowledgeable in-house staff assists with directing the merchant to the best bank for their processing needs. NETbilling has dozens of direct bank and ISO relationships to help merchant establish accounts both domestically and offshore. Merchant owns customer data and has direct relationship with the bank.
Transactions sent through aggregate merchant account or individually through an IPSP. Merchant has no right to own customer data at any time.
Little to no assistance with merchant accounts. Outside referrals to banks instead of in-house merchant relations department.


Risk Management / Fraud Scrubbing

Fully customizable "Fraud Defense" risk management system. AVS and CVV2 verification standard, plus 12 supplementary webmaster tools, inlcuding public and private negative database screening and much more. Complete flexibility for the highest sales conversion ratios.
Multiple fraud tools. However, none are accessible to merchant or customizable by the merchant resulting in lower conversion ratios and lack of control.
Basic fraud tools with little or no customization.


Administrative Reporting Capabilities

Numerous advanced realtime reporting options. Fully customizable reports with hundreds of variable fields. Standard frequently used hard coded reports also availble. Viewable online or easily downloadable.
Hard coded reports. Full customer information never displayed.
Basic reporting available.


Shopping Cart & CRM Compatibility

Compatibility with multiple commercial free and paid carts and CRM systems including 3dcart, Lime Light, OScommerce, X-cart, Shopify, Big-commerce Miva and dozens of others.
Proprietary cart when product sales are supported.
Compatible with many commercial shopping cart systems. Integration with custom carts.


Recurring Billing Options & Payment Forms

Automatic recurring billing including password management and prorating for both credit cards and ACH, including trial memberships. Transactions processed on your secure server or ours for complete flexibility.
Processor branded payment pages including automated rebilling.
Customized or processor branded payment pages. Some offer basic recurring billing.


Customer Service

24/7/365 Support for you and your customers. Full service call center available by phone/email to handle billing inquires, technical difficulties, cancellation requests, order placement, etc. Capabilities to provide outbound telemarketing and order verification in-house.
Standard 24/7/365 support typically available, although not customizable.
Support during normal business hours. After hours and extended support must be purchased separately if available.


Affiliate Management

Affiliate program integration with NATS, MPA3 and dozens of other programs.
Proprietary built-in affiliate program. Some compatible with major third party programs.
Integrates with some third party programs. 


Check Processing Features

Available through all payment platforms and for most business types, API, shopping cart and virtual terminal included. Supports our automated recurring billing. Average cost is less than 5%.
Only available for certain business types, may not allow automated rebilling, fees as high as 20% per transaction.
Limited business types. 2%-5% per check + $2-$5 per transaction.


Processor Adaptivity

Seamless changeover from other processors including database imports.
Little or no import capabilities, databases not commonly available to take with you to another processor.
Limited database imports may be available.



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Since 1998, NETbilling, Inc. has provided multi-currency transaction processing, merchant accounts, and call center services to thousands of clients of all sizes. Our cost-effective solutions allow you to process credit/debit cards, e-checks, and mobile orders. NETbilling works with any business type and genre including high-risk, e-commerce, mobile, and card-present businesses.

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