NETbilling Elevated X Integration Offers Turnkey Solution

Award winning pay site CMS software company Elevated X has added integration of NETBilling to its list of standard VOD inclusions.

“Having Elevated X integrated with the NETbilling payment gateway is a great option for both existing and new NETBilling clients using Elevated X software to run their subscription pays sites. Together, the two site framework components give clients an exceptional amount of control over their site in its entirety, not just with site design and payment processing implementation. Direct integration means we’re able to offer our clients more flexibility than any other options in the marketplace”, said Mitch Farber, CEO of NETbilling.  

NETBilling is now fully integrated for quick and easy plug-and-play use for clip store owners and digital content sellers who want to accept payments for “On Demand” content purchasing. Site operators can use NETBilling to process payments for online streaming video rentals, pay per view and pay per download transactions with buy-now buttons and/or shopping cart purchase options to support multiple content sale site formats and business models.

“I’m very happy to be working with Mitch and his team and we’re excited to add NETBilling to our growing list of leading purchasing processors supported out-of-the-box by the Elevated X CMS software’s VOD platform.” said Elevated X Co-Founder AJ Hall. 

The addition of NETBilling is part of an Elevated X initiative to provide pay site owners with more billing choices, especially those looking to make the leap from using hosted, percentage based rev-share clip sale sites to running their own clip stores. “Merchant banking and gateway service providers like NETBilling make the transition easier for site owners by way of low processing fees and less barriers to entry. We know the idea of going out on their own and starting to bring 100% of their revenue in-house is attractive to producers, but can also be scary. We want to make it as easy and affordable for producers as possible to make the transition.,” Hall added.

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If you have any questions, please contact NETbilling’s sales department via email at: or call 661-252-2456.