Questions & Answers - Frequently asked questions about NETbilling and our wide array of services

Is it simple to accept online payments using NETbilling as my processing company?

NETbilling makes it extremely easy to make money with your web site. Whether you are a new online merchant or simply switching to us from another company (as so many do), NETbilling will guide you every step of the way to help you not only get started, but be successful with your online sales. Our experienced and friendly staff takes your business seriously and can help you understand the necessary aspects of selling online.

How will I save money with NETbilling Services?

With NETbilling's On-line Credit Card Authorization Service you won't need a terminal or any software for your computer. You also won't need to spend time authorizing credit card transactions or doing rebilling of clients manually. NETbilling also provides the best fraud scrubbing tools in the industry to help you fight online fraud and save you money in chargeback fees and lost products/services.

How much does this great service cost?

NETbilling is proud to offer flexible pricing options to fit your needs.
Our basic charges cost only 1.5% and 15¢ per transaction. There is a $25 per month gateway / maintenance fee for an unlimited number of sites under the same account.

NETbilling also offers a flat rate pricing plan (with no percentage charges) at 45¢ per transaction for merchants selling higher ticket items and provides large volume discounts as well.

How does NETbilling compare to other services?

Saving money is certainly important. However, more important is how will your processor will take care of you, your online business and your customers. Since 1998, NETbilling has provided transaction processing and call center services to thousands of merchants totalling hundreds of millions of dollars in processing volume.
We have the absolute best system, software, rates, & customer support in the processing industry. NETbilling also provides all of our merchants with 24/7/365 technical support unlike many other companies that only work through resellers and provide support during regular business hours. NETbilling's relationship is directly with the merchant and as a NETbilling merchant, you will be directly supported by our knowledgeable staff around the clock.

Can NETbilling Services provide phone and email support for my clients?

NETbilling can handle customer phone calls, email and cancellation requests, and billing inquiries for you, giving you more time to market your web sites and eliminating the need for to have your own customer service personnel. We will provide you with a fully trained service staff and toll free phone # to give to your customers. Of course, our call center is available 24/7/365 to serve you and your customers.

We are now making this service available at a very reasonable rate. Please inquire for additional information.

Which Credit Cards will I be able to accept? Can I accept online checks as well?

As a merchant, you will be able to accept all credit cards which you posses a merchant account for. Our system supports all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, debit cards, and others. NETbilling does process online checks (ACH) as well within our system. Since many customers do not have credit cards, the ability for you to accept real time check payments is a much needed additional payment method.

How does it all work?

When a customer types in their credit card number or checking account informationand requests a service from a merchant, the information passes through the secure NETbilling servers, and are sent to the processors. A confirmation or denial is then sent from the processor, back through the NETbilling server, to the customer.

All of this takes place in an average of 5 seconds or less!

There are two ways that a merchant can use NETbilling's processing services. These are locally and remotely.

Remote mode - Remote transactions take place on NETbilling's servers. The merchant directs customers to a script on the NETbilling server. The customer processes their card (fills out and submits an order) and then returns to the merchant's web site. Typical membership subscription sites and shopping cart merchants use remote mode.

Direct Mode/API - Local transactions take place on the merchant's server. The customer is directed to a script on the merchant's site that connects invisibly and securely via secure sockets to NETbilling and processes their card. The customer never leaves the merchant's site. NETbilling provides the merchant with a complete direct mode API for implementation and ultimate flexibility.

I'm currently using another company to do my processing for me. It is easy to switch to NETbilling?

We can easily convert your current members to our system. We have scripts written to integrate your current customers from several other processors. We will take care of the switch.
A large percentage of our clients come to us from other companies for various reasons.

I want to sell products online. Does NETbilling provide me with a FREE Shop Cart?

NETbilling has created a full featured, customizable, web based shopping cart that seamlessly
integrates with our transaction processing system. The NETbilling cart enables online store building quickly and easily without any programming experience and is available FREE to all NETbilling merchants.
Our cart even provides you with a customizable front page and we host the cart for you, so even if you do not yet have a web site, NETbilling can set you up without any added expense of hosting fees or site development.

NETbilling also works with almost every commercial shopping cart on the market. Click here for a list and implementation instructions for some of the carts we work with.

Can I see a demo of a shopping cart and the NETbilling merchant administration area?

Of course you can. Just contact us and we will do a complete walkthrough with you of all of our offerings.
You will see just how easy and flexible our system is to use.

I have very little technical knowledge. Do I have to setup this system myself?

No way! We can & will setup the entire process for you. You don't need any programming skills to operate our software. If you can use a web browser, than you have all the technical knowledge required.

What type of security is used?

We use Netscape Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Customers with Netscape or Microsoft Explorer and other browsers that support SSL can participate. All merchant reports and manual entry screens require login and password to access.

Do I need to place my site on NETbilling's server?

No that is not necessary. You can keep your website where it is. If you need a web host, contact us for recommendations.

Can I get help with HTML, scripting, or web design?

Absolutely! Simply write us a quick note at  and one of our friendly staff will recommend a qualified programmer.

How do I obtain my own merchant account?

NETbilling Services works with a number of merchant banks and ISOs to assist our clients in obtaining a merchant account at a great qualified rate. Whether you are a Domestic or foreign merchant, simply fill out our merchant prequalification form, and someone will contact you A.S.A.P.

May I offer Free Trials on my membership site?

FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS are absolutely allowed for you to make available to your customers. There are advantages and disadvantages to offering this option and we will be happy to explain the pros and cons to you.

How do get started with NETbilling Services?

Please contact us and we will have you setup and processing usually within 24 hours.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at: (888)357-8166 / (661)252-2456
or click here for other contact information.