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NETbilling Gateway Documentation


Transaction Authorization Message Definitions

  • Helpful information intended for troubleshooting declines and other errors. All NETbilling generated "Auth Messages" and all known bank responses are included.

Test Mode Responses

  • ​Enabling Test mode or using the account test card number will allow you to test transaction processing without sending live transactions to your actual merchant account. 

Secure Payment Form (NETbilling Hosted)

Payment Form Documentation

  • Intended for merchants who wish to utilize the NETbilling pre-generated payment forms.

Hidden Payment Form Tutorial

  • Instruction for bypassing the NETbilling payment form. Intended for merchants who wish to generate a "one-click" payment option.

Direct Mode Transaction API

Direct Mode 3.2 Documentation

  • Detailed information about the Direct Mode 3.2 protocol, including request/response parameters, format, and requirements.

Direct Mode 3.0 Batch Documentation

  • Instruction for utilizing the Direct Mode Batch Protocol.

Direct Mode 3.1 Java Client Documentation

  • This documentation is primarily intended for Java developers who are writing new software or integrating existing software using our Direct Mode interface.

Download Direct Mode Client Software

Direct Mode 2.1 Documentation+

+ Use version 3.2 for new development



Managing Memberships

Setting up Membership Sites

  • Instructions for configuring your website to have a protected members' area.

Membership Management System Security

  • General information about NETbilling membership security.

Member Control Script (nbmember.cgi


Control Script Configuration File (nbmember.cfg)


Member Update API

Member Update Protocol Documentation

  • Instructions for operating the NETbilling scriptable membership update interface.

Data Retrieval Interface API

Data Retrieval Interface 1.5 Documentation

  • Documentation regarding NETbilling's Data Retrieval Interface.


Payments by Check (ACH)

NBCheck User Guide

  • General information and guidelines for ACH transaction processing.

New ACH Requirements

Assent Key Guide

  • Documentation for the NETbilling ACH ascent key. This is required for all Direct Mode ACH transactions.




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