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Get Your Business Ready For EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa)

  • Posted by Eddie Olvera

What Is EMV And How It Effects All Retail And E-commerce Merchants? EMV stands for: Europay, MasterCard, Visa. This is the chip based technology now being used by credit card issuing banks into credit and debit cards. It is virtually impossible to duplicate these chip cards.

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NETbilling & Mitch Farber Profiled For 17 Successful Years

  • Posted by Wendy Nelson

Recently NETbilling Founder & CEO, Mitch Farber, had the chance to sit down with Alex Henderson from XBIZ World and talk about the 17th anniversary NETbilling celebrated, the changing industry, and what has driven the immense success of the company.

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New NETbilling Wordpress and WooCommerce Integrations

  • Posted by Eddie Olvera

Process NETbilling Secure & Direct Payments with Wordpress via WooCommerce NETbilling is excited to announce a highly anticipated feature to accept NETbilling Secure & Direct Payments with Wordpress.

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NETbilling Adds New Payment Forms Features

  • Posted by Ben Tischler

As PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance Standards for merchants progressively become more stringent, merchants are turning to NETbilling for more flexible payment form solutions, using our PCI Compliant secure servers to store and serve the forms to your customers.

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