New Feature - The Card Expiration Updater From NETbilling

Expired credit and debit cards can stop your new sales and recurring income in its tracks! There has been no previous remedy other than trying a manual update by guessing the new expiration date, or contacting the cardholder for updated card information. Previously our system did not attempt to process expired cards to avoid authorization fees that would not convert to sales. Manual updating fairly time consuming process with limited success. To combat this, NETbilling is pleased to announce a new money making feature for our merchants. In an attempt to avoid CARD EXPIRED declines, transactions will be automatically be submitted to the processor with expiration dates that have been updated based on their BIN number, card issuer update information, and other proprietary historical data. The date will be manipulated prior to submitting to the processing network, thus eliminating unnecessary authorization fees.

The expired card updater feature is a completely automated process and is transparent to the cardholder. it works for initial sales and signups (in real-time) as well as rebills. During our development and testing period over the past several months, we have seen an average recovery of more than 30% from cards that would have previously been declined, and income most likely lost.

To initiate this new feature, simply login to your NETbilling admin panel and navigate to Account Setup - Account Management > Credit Cards, scroll down to step 9 and then check your desired options. Be sure to click "Apply" at the bottom of the page to accept the changes.

The attempts, success and converted/recovered income can been seen in a new report that merchants can find in your NETbilling admin panel under:
Reports > Standard Reports > Expiration Date Updater > Monthly.

Fees of $1.95 each (under 1000 successful updates per month) or $1.50 each (more than 1000 successful updates per month) will be incurred only for successful updates.

Please contact NETbilling ( with any questions.